From an early age, we are taught to go out and change the world. Disrupt. Innovate. Be the change you want to see. Those things are undoubtedly powerful ways to shape the future for generations to come but we all know that not everyone is up for the challenges. Sometimes in fact, you want to play in your own world without the influences of chaos that continue to wreak havoc on our lives.

Being social on the internet has created another layer of challenges for all of us. The power, the influence, the likes, and the perception of success is controlled by algorithms and a smaller number of giant corporations now more than ever before. The joy of connecting with others has been taken from us and turned into an impossible game with ever-changing rules that no-one can actually define. For some, playing the game itself has become the driving factor in life. For others, they stand on the virtual sideline, waiting for the moment to play before eventually realizing the game itself is rigged.

The currency that is likes, favorites, follows, and subscriptions, has been flawed from the very start. It forces us to play the game in a world that can never be attributed to the real value of an individual, their friends, their family, their co-workers…their network.

We all bring a unique value to our network. While some of it is up to us to determine, our actions and our integrity are the determining factors in how others see the value in us. As individuals, it us up to us to shape how others come to know us and trust us. We can only control our actions, and that shapes our relationships.

Playing in the world that is the internet today, has taken away the true value in who we are and forced us to chase what the systems have decided are valuable.

What if changing the world isn’t the goal? What if chasing the arbitrary measurements determined by an algorithm aren’t worth chasing? What if instead, we decide to create our own world to play the game in? A world where trust is a priority. A world where value is decided by the two players in every interaction, not by a predetermined metric designed to keep us playing a game only the game owner can win.

$STATURE is that. A new world to play the game of life where we collectively determine what the value each individual brings is.