What is it?

$STATURE is a social token. An experiment in economic incentives, social currency, community and respect.

Total Supply

There is a total of 23 million tokens which can be shared in fractions to 18 decimals.

How do I get some?

$STATURE can be sent to you by other members of the community that hold a balance in their wallet for any reason they so choose.

Where does it go?

$STATURE can be sent to your Ethereum wallet. We recommend Metamask though any Ethereum wallet capable of showing custom erc20 tokens will be suitable.

A network and community-specific wallet are in the process of being developed and we'll let folks know in the discord when it is ready.

$STATURE will also be available via a liquidity pool on Uniswap


Sharing any balance of $STATURE with others in the community should be done so with care, caution, and consideration. When you share any number of tokens with someone, you are not only expressing appreciation, respect, and gratitude, but also vouching that this person is worthy of holding a balance and therefore being part of the network.

You should be aware that all your transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and so are publicly visible. This should be viewed as a net positive thing, meaning that when you choose to send some $STATURE to someone, you should consider this a public display of respect and appreciation. Share carefully. Who you share with and invite into the network reflects on you, but also creates, elevates, or diminishes the value of the network as a whole.

What does it do?

As more of the total supply of the token is distributed, your wallet holding different balances will act as a means of access to different parts of the community and different experiences.

Ways you may want to use $STATURE:

  • to verify membership
  • as a way to gate access to your content
  • an incentive mechanism to attract people to an event
  • a tip/reward to people who recognized or took part in something
  • a redemption for some scarce product you drop

Ready to start? join the DISCORD or view the token on Etherscan